Our Culture

We’ve got our own way of doing things that defines who we are. We live in the here and now – with eyes fixed firmly on the future. Our curiosity gives us the energy to constantly evolve. To always ask questions and find new answers. Because we know continuous development makes us stronger as a team.

We’re down to earth, honest and fair people who care about the impact of our business on the world. We’re supportive and considerate too – always working as one, setting clear goals and striving to reach them. We know that results are critical and that mistakes are human. So we’re ready to take risks and pick ourselves up if we fall. It’s all part of what makes us the ambitious, flexible and caring company we are.

A warm welcome

We strive to create a workplace in which our associates feel welcomed, valued and engaged from the moment they join us. Throughout your career with us, you’ll be rewarded for your contributions, skills, and experience, and for engaging with our mission to provide value to our customers.

Our values

They’re what make us who we are. TJX is an exciting place to work and we count on our associates to bring our business to life. Staying true to our values of honesty, integrity, and treating others with dignity and respect is a top priority for us – across everything we do.


At TJX, relationships matter. We’re proud that decision-making is participatory, we share ideas, and we’re not afraid to involve others in decisions to get the best results.

Our open door philosophy: you have a voice

Having an inclusive work environment supports our continued success. When everyone is comfortable bringing their unique perspectives, opinions, and talents to work, we get fresh and innovative ideas that we can utilise for problem solving and finding new opportunities.

Learning & Development

We are always on the lookout for the future leaders of our business. That’s why, when you join us, we aim to provide you with the resources for personal discovery and development. Our training is exceptional and ongoing. It all starts with an in-depth induction. You’ll meet our team, our different business areas, and the other graduates and placement students. This means you’ll get to network with people while we get to know you.

You’ll also be paired with a “buddy,” who’s there to guide you along your journey. They were in your shoes previously, so they really know how to help you settle in. Our unique learning experience begins with a comprehensive induction. It then continues through a series of workshops, training programmes and on-going projects all designed to help you to take on responsibility quickly.

Your wellbeing

We encourage a healthy work/life balance with access to an onsite gym, wellness centre and the chance to get involved in social and charitable activities. Most importantly, you’ll be immersed in a fun, fast-paced, hands-on business environment.

Inclusion and diversity

We’re committed to providing an inclusive workplace where the contributions of our diverse associates help drive our success. We foster a culture where associates feel inspired to work hard, challenge themselves, and think freely and innovatively.

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, you’ll discover TJX Europe is anything but business as usual.

People don’t just work here, they stay here

It’s very important for us to attract ambitious and talented individuals, teach them the fundamentals of our off-price model, and support their career growth. We believe this encourages associates to join us, not just for a job, but to build a career.