Discover your path into TJX Europe

Experience tells us that talent can come from anywhere. That’s why we offer three different ways into our flexible retail business.

Finished your degree or about to? Discover our graduate programmes. Looking for an industrial placement during your third year of study? We have four to choose from. Unsure about whether to go to college or uni, and eager to start earning while learning? Check out our apprenticeships.




Our placement opportunities

Seeking an exciting and inspiring 12-month industrial placement? We offer 12-month opportunities to university students in their third year.
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Merchandising and Buying

Anticipate trends. Spot opportunities. Manage risk. You'll discover why the partnership between merchandising and buying is key to our success on a programme that combines classroom learning with on-the-job responsibilities, so you can have a real impact on our business.

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Experience workshops and training programmes that will enable you to develop an in-depth knowledge of one of our four key areas of financial focus; commercial finance, business planning and analysis, financial control or financial accounting.

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When we say our business relies on technology, we really mean it. All areas of our business need the skills and support of our IT experts to function properly. On this programme you’ll get to see first-hand the big impact that IT has, and get insights into the difference your technology skills can make to our business.

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Brand and Marketing

Discover how we make our brands stand out and connect with customers so they visit us online and in store. This placement will see you collaborate with multiple business functions to help develop eye-catching marketing strategies and tactics.

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Global Sourcing & Procurement

Ready to make your impact on a global sourcing and procurement team who source everything we need to run our retail business and drive value to our bottom line?

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Global Continuous Improvement

The goal of continuous improvement is to make periodic changes to increase the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of business operations using key tools from Lean Six Sigma.