Apprentice, Customer Service

I started my career with TJX in TKMaxx Watford and developed a fondness for the business, the culture and the way they develop their people.

After becoming a team leader I was given the opportunity to help the customer services department during peak and later offered the opportunity for a permanent role within the customer service team as an advisor.  I jumped at this chance knowing that this is where I wanted my career to go and I wanted to progress within the business. Whilst working there I was given the opportunity to work as a customer service apprentice. This entailed me working closely with the team to learn what different parts of customer services do. Since completing my apprenticeship, it has solidified my desire to work within TJX and has opened doors for me to progress. I love working here because TJX is more like a family and you never know who you’re going to meet or build a relationship with. TJX has a welcoming and inclusive culture that opens their doors to new people and ensures that you are supported to help you meet your goals no matter what they are.

My own management team within customer service are motivating and supportive when it comes to my desire to progress and I know that if I need help with anything, I can just ask them.